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Companies are looking for a "ready-made" man.

What kinds of problems are HR consultative companies are meeting with related to applicant selection?

In these later days we are noticing some kind of “un-loyalty” of applicants. Quite often happens that even after mutual talk with applicants, they don’t come for the interview to our company or even to our customer companies without any excuse, they don’t send us assumed data, materials or we have problems to get any kind of references from them. I think they don’t realize and sense that it’s also very important to keep business ethics in these cases and if they break it, it can be paid for dearly.

What most frequent mistakes are done by applicants during interviews?

We divide applicants into the ones, who already have some experiences with job searching and to those who don’t, even if they are already employed for several years. Especially the second group is characteristic by the fact that they are not able to sell themselves. It means that during the interview they are not able to present their abilities. On the other hand there is a group of applicants who are over-estimating their abilities, who are too self-confident and show it too much, but their working experiences are too weak and don’t match. So it counts that modesty has good chances and employers will be happy to employ a person, who has got good self-knowledge, is capable enough, opened to new things and thoughts, who can use his/her experiences in a short time in a new working place.


to be continued ...