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TOP pracovné ponuky

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Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group

Why us?

4 + 1 reasons for cooperation with TCG

  • Practice: TCG Lecturers are not only long-time educationalists and teachers, but above all they are people with life experience, particularly in communication and management. They manage teams, communicate professionally, create communication concepts..
  • Substitutability: TCG team has full substitutability with high professional quality teachers. Our substitute lecturers are professionals so our customers and trainings participants don not feel difference in quality.
  • Professionalism and quality of the trainings content: All of our training programs have already been tested in the fire of lecturing experience. What your employees get in the form of training, are not just pilots or test programs, but several thought and proven professional programs.
  • Why our training programs: The best quote of our customer satisfaction is this statement: "Finally we know how things work and related to experience in TCG training we want to do it the way we have learnt!"

+ 1 TOP CONSULT GROUP is 17 years old and experienced.