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Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group


Top Consult Group
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Top Consult Group
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TOP CONSULT GROUP, s.r.o. provides for its customers complex counseling and consultation services in all areas of  Human resources from year 1997. 
We have different kind of specialists with wide area of abilities and experiences and high quality background.
We are concentrating at solving key problems in these fields
  • finding and selecting employees in areas of middle and top management
  • employees education
  • overall personal counseling 

TOP CONSULT GROUP, s.r.o. clients are important foreign and Slovak companies from different business areas. Working upon the whole Slovak republic area and specialist chosen by TCP are employed in China, Korea, Taiwan, Germany or Czech republic.

Our philosophy is:
„We are working with the most precious value .... we are working with people.“

Our goal is:

  • establishing long-lasting high quality cooperation, which allows us to know more and better a company culture, demands  and climate in your company
  • flexibly and efficiently react on your requirements and company needs
  • leaning on workmanship and creative approach of our employees and their long-term experiences based on praxis in area of human resources
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Six principles of career building

Would you like to get more information about how to build your career and about principles of career building? We have a simple and brief guide for you! 

Companies are looking for a "ready-made" man.

Any kind of information about applicant is very important and valuable for employer. „Also the information about how he or she spends his or her free time, can tell us very much,“ says Katarína Mocová, the Director and Executive of Top Consult Group.


Aktívne spolupracujeme s

Health Day

Health and physical condition support positive human thinking and performance.

Fitwell studio in cooperation with TOP CONSULT GROUP, s.r.o.& VKC Intenzíva, s.r.o. bring you prevention, health and relax right at your workplace.

For information click here.

If you are interested we are happy to give you a presentation about activity in your company.